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Front Wire Basket

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The PUBLIC Front Wire Basket is our most adaptable and versatile front basket yet. This basket is well suited for just about any ride - from quick errands around town, to commuting to work, or the occasional weekend adventure.

The two-piece adjustable legs extend and can be mounted to either the fork axle or the eyelets, and the longer handlebar clamps offer greater clearance when mounting. The deeper base offers ample room for your bag without the need for a bungee to secure it.

Keep in mind that adding weight to your front handlebars will change the way your bicycle handles. Please don't overload your basket as it can cause difficulty in steering or loss of bike control.

  • Basket Dimensions: 14" x 9.5" x 9"
  • Weight Capacity: 20lbs
  • Only for mounting to handlebars with 7/8" & 1" diameter
  • Fits most PUBLIC bikes except for Cruisers, and drop handlebar models. (R18, R24)
  • One size suited for both 26” & 700c wheel


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