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    Two ladies on PUBLIC Bikes, the best women's urban bikes and best women's bikes. PUBLIC has all types of bicycles for women.

    Women's Bikes

    Women’s bikes have expanded exponentially in recent years. Long gone are the “shrink it and pink it” days of ladies’ bike production. Today, bike makers know that women demand bikes that are every bit as fun, comfortable, and versatile as their male counterparts. PUBLIC Bikes brings goddess-sent rides for ladies on a mission. You’ve got one of the most trusted brands working underneath you — all you have to do is pedal and enjoy the ride.

    PUBLIC C1 - Cream On Sale
    $600.00 $549.99
    PUBLIC C7 -  Powder Blue On Sale
    $700.00 $649.99
    M7 Out of Stock
    $750.00 $699.99
    New PUBLIC R18 Disc - Cream On Sale
    $950.00 $719.95
    PUBLIC C9 - Cream Out of Stock
    $800.00 $749.99
    M7i Out of Stock
    $900.00 $799.99
    C7i Out of Stock
    $1,000.00 $899.99
    PUBLIC R18 Drop Bar - British Racing Green On Sale
    $1,100.00 $999.99
    PUBLIC C8i Alfine Disc - Rose Gold On Sale
    $1,500.00 $1,399.99