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Aluminum Fender Set 47mm

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Color Silver

Our classic smooth polished aluminum alloy fenders add a touch of vintage style to your bike, as well as serving the practical purpose of keeping you dry on a rainy day. If you buy a PUBLIC bike from us, we can install these fenders for you for an additional labor charge, and ship the bike directly to your door. These fenders are sold as pairs and come with all the necessary hardware. Fits most PUBLIC bikes with 700c wheels and up to 35mm tires. PUBLIC R models require the 37mm Aluminum fender set.


  • Width: 47mm

  • Front fender length: 900mm

  • Rear fender length: 1200mm

  • Includes hardware and struts

  • Fits tires up to 35mm wide

  • Sold in pairs only

  • Fitting by a qualified bicycle mechanic strongly recommended.

  • If installed on PUBLIC bike, additional $50 labor fee


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