Ultra 410 U-Lock (9-inch)

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We don't recommend you lock up your bike with anything other than a u-lock and ABUS, the venerable German lock making company that has been engineering high-quality locks for over 90 years, has come out with a new line of u-locks that has got us excited.

The new ABUS 410 series of locks boasts the ABUS quality at a competitive price point. The Ultra 410 U-Lock has a strong and aggressive design, with a 12mm double-bolting, hardened steel shackle, a double layer wafer key cylinder and clever decoy cut-outs to foil picking. Translation: It's a tough, everyday lock built to withstand tampering and cutting.

>Anyone who has ever been annoyed by the difficulty of opening some key entry u-locks will be happy with this lock's simple to use, reversible key that pops the lock body off with ease.

This lock is 9" long and over 4" wide. If using this lock on a PUBLIC Bike, you'll be able to fit the frame, wheel and bike rack through this lock. For proper locking tips, check out the SFBC's handy Bike Locking Guide.


  • Dimensions: 9"L x 4.1"W (23cm x 10.5cm)

  • 12mm round shackle made from temper hardened steel

  • Soft touch housing cover prevents damage to paint

  • Pass-through shackle provides anti-twist protection

  • Includes rattle-free bike bracket mount, for easy attachment to the bike frame

  • Includes 2 reversible keys


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