We’ve worked with a variety of companies and organizations, big and small, to get them a custom or stock fleet of PUBLIC bikes.

Bike Share

PUBLIC has worked with one of the largest technology companies on their bike share fleet since 2006. This company started with 280 custom PUBLIC bikes and now has over 2,000+ two wheelers on its corporate campus for employees to use get around its large corporate campus.

Other companies using PUBLIC bikes for bike share include AOL, Mozilla, Williams-Sonoma, GAP, and Rackspace.

Employee Gifts

PUBLIC worked with Clif Bar on surprising each of their 350+ employees with a custom bike as part of the company’s 20th Anniversary. We customized PUBLIC bikes in Clif Bar red with matching rims and rear racks, and added a Clif Bar logo head badge and message “Born on a Bike – Kitchen Crafted – Family & Employee Owned” on the frame. Each bike featured a custom decal with the employee’s name and year they started working at Clif Bar.

Other companies who have given employees PUBLIC bikes include Meraki.

Partner Gifts

PUBLIC worked with lululemon to reward its Ambassadors who are athletes and inspirational people who represent the values of the brand. We customized PUBLIC bikes for select Ambassadors to reflect their active lifestyles. Now these Ambassadors represent lululemon even when they’re moving from place to place on their customized PUBLIC bikes.

Other companies who have gifted PUBLIC bikes to partners include Boulevard Brewing Company and Goodnessknows.

Hotel Fleets

PUBLIC worked with Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, the leading collections of boutique hotels and restaurants, to provide custom PUBLIC bikes for over 80+ Kimpton properties around the world. Kimpton extended their brand outside their hotel doors while offering their guests a free amenity consistent with their commitment to health, well-being and a sense of fun and adventure.

Other hotels offering PUBLIC bikes include Carneros Inn, Caravan Outpost, and Hotel Healdsburg.

Residential Housing & Development Bikes

PUBLIC worked with the developers of Bay Meadows, a transit-friendly 83-acre community of close to 1,200 residential units, to offer PUBLIC bikes for new homeowners. Bay Meadows’ tagline is “Life in Motion” and the PUBLIC bikes for homeowners bring these words to reality. Homeowners choose to live in Bay Meadows because it’s walkable, transit oriented, and bike-friendly. A PUBLIC bike is a perfect way for Bay Meadows to reinforce these community values.

Other residential developments offering PUBLIC bikes include SF Shipyard, NEMA, AIRE Santa Monica, and 388 Fulton.


Marketing & Promotional Bikes

PUBLIC collaborated with Lorna Jane activewear and Revolve apparel to provide customized PUBLIC bikes for a significant marketing campaign “REVOLVE in the Hamptons” involving top social media influencers. These bikes were featured in many social media posts that were seen by hundreds of thousands of followers.

PUBLIC provided bikes for Banana Republic’s fall campaign “What Moves You?” Banana Republic displayed PUBLIC bikes in its top retail store windows and gave bikes to customers at the end of the campaign. Banana Republic’s fall collection was inspired by its design team’s trips to Amsterdam so PUBLIC bikes fit perfectly with its campaign.

Other companies that have used PUBLIC bikes for marketing and promotional campaigns include Dapper Day, Marine Layer, and Rudy’s Barbershop.

Donor Gifts

PUBLIC worked with Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition to customize PUBLIC bikes for its top donors. PUBLIC was proud to support the Vine Trail by providing 80+ customized Green PUBLIC V7 bikes to winners of a 2015 Vine Trail auction package. Many of these donors received their bikes at a special preview ride in Napa. PUBLIC shipped custom bikes 99 % assembled Ready to Ride to donors who could not participate in the local event.

Other organizations that have offered PUBLIC bikes for members and donors include the The Sierra Club, the San Francisco Bike Coalition and the ALS Association Golden West Chapter.