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Double Kickstand

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We recommend the PUBLIC Double Leg Kickstand as a practical accessory for anyone who hauls a load. If you find that your bike topples over when parked because of the weight of your load, this is a solution for you. The double kickstand evenly distributes weight so that your bike remains stable when parked. This is especially handy while loading and unloading groceries or other cargo.  If you have a child seat or both a front and rear rack, we strongly recommend this accessory. When not in use, the "scissor-action" folds both legs to the non-drive side of the bike. The leg length is adjustable and can be locked to the desired length. It fits bikes with, or without, kick stand plates.


  • Aluminum kickstand, plastic feet

  • Comes with all mounting hardware

  • Fits bikes with, or without, kick stand plates.


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