uGrip Bordo 5700 Folding Lock

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We don't recommend you lock up your bike with anything other than a ABUS lock, the venerable German lock making company that has been engineering high-quality locks for over 90 years, has come out with a new design hat has got us excited.

With the Bordo, ABUS has revolutionized the bicycle lock and established an entirely new type of lock – the folding lock. The bike locks of the Bordo family offer features that have not been provided by any other design to date. Light-weight flexibility in a compact design.

These features are shared by all of the various folding locks in the extensive Bordo family. From the high security Bordo XPlus, through the classic Bordo, to the ultra-light Bordo Lite model. The variety is underlined by the numerous colours available and the different locking systems. And with the stylish carrying bag, a transport solution for the folding lock is included in the price.


  • Durable 5mm steel bars

  • Color-matching lock body

  • Link construction allows compact folding

  • Bars are linked with special rivets

  • Premium cylinder for high protection against manipulations, like picking

  • Easy transport thanks to a practical bag


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