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Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack (Black)

$199.99 $199.99

Bike racks come in many shape and sizes, but most are either difficult to install, hard to use, or not that aesthetically pleasing. Noted Italian industrial designer Fabio Pedrini came up with an elegant and ingenious alternative. His Bones trunk rack for Saris is our selection for the best-designed rack on the market. We use the Bones ourselves when transporting bikes to events. It handles all bike sizes and diamond bike frames as well as step through frames when used with the Saris Bike Beam.

Constructed from heavy-duty, 100% recyclable plastic, it is also the most environmentally friendly rack on the market. With injection molded arms and legs that will never rust, it can support up to three bikes with ease. Bikes are each secured on a different level, so they never rub or touch during transport. Vinyl-coated hooks with spring-buckles make installation quick and easy. With ratchet straps and articulated rubber feet to protect the finish on your vehicle. Bones fits almost any vehicle, from sedans to minivans. Visit the Saris website to determine if the rack will fit your vehicle. Trunk-mounted, with no overhead lifting, twisting or balancing required.


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