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    Multi-Speed Bikes

    PUBLIC’s multi-speed bikes retain the simple joy of cruising, commuting, or simply enjoying the outdoors while also give you everything you need to power up Lombard Street when the moment’s right. Choose multi-speed bikes for all riding styles and get the most out of lightweight, bombproof gear shifters. Because hills were made to be climbed.

    C7 24" On Sale
    $550.00 $499.99
    PUBLIC C7 -  Powder Blue On Sale
    $700.00 $649.99
    V7 On Sale
    $700.00 $649.99
    M7 Out of Stock
    $750.00 $699.99
    New PUBLIC R18 Disc - Cream On Sale
    $950.00 $719.95
    PUBLIC C9 - Cream Out of Stock
    $800.00 $749.99
    V9 Aluminum On Sale
    $800.00 $749.99