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Yepp Maxi Rear Child Seat with Adapter in Black click to enlarge

Yepp Maxi Rear Child Seat with Seatpost Adapter

Most products designed for kids suffer from aesthetic compromises (i.e. they are not so easy on the eyes). Leave it to the Dutch to design children's bike seats that are supremely functional and safe, as well as very good looking. We offer two options, this Maxi Rear Seat for toddlers large enough to sit behind their parent, and the Mini Front Seat designed for younger children who need to sit up front.

The Yepp Maxi Rear Seat makes riding with kids fun and efficient for both parent and child. This innovative rear child seat is designed to accommodate kids from 9 months all the way up to approximately 6 years old or 48.5 lbs. (22 kg). These sturdy seats are made of EVA polymer, the same pliable, rubber-like material used to make the popular Croc shoes. The EVA seat form is attached to a tubular steel frame running inside the edge of the seat (included). It creates a seat that is fully supportive, yet provides just the right amount of flex to ensure a comfortable ride for your youngster. The EVA seat material does not absorb water or heat and is easy to clean. The shoulder pads are made of a softer grade of EVA. The height of the foot rests can be adjusted without tools.

The Details:

  • Attaches to a seat post mounted bracket (included) behind the rider.
  • Quick and easy installation. $50 labor charge if installed by PUBLIC.
  • Push button seat release makes for easy to put on or take off, and/or easy for a quick transfer, if you want to use the Maxi on another bike.
  • Adjustable foot supports fit ages 9 months - 6 years old.
  • Five-point safety harness that children cannot open on their own.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Key included to lock the Maxi in place.
  • Does not fit on Small-Medium PUBLIC M7, M7i, C1, C7, C7i if you need the seat low
  • Fits on Small PUBLIC C1, C7 or C7i but not with a rear rack

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