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Wald 151 Drop Top Front Basket click to enlarge

Wald 151 Drop Top Front Basket

$30.00  (IN STOCK)
Wald has been making high quality wire bicycle baskets in Maysville, Kentucky since 1929. You will see their baskets on pizza delivery bikes in Chicago, on hipster bikes in Portland, on chic fashion bikes in Manhattan, and everywhere else across the US. From a company well respected for its environmental practices, these baskets are constructed from zinc-plated steel and nicely finished with no rough edges to catch on bags or clothing.

The Wald 151 "Drop Top" basket is the only Wald basket with a higher backside. This basket is deeper than the 137 or 139. This basket suits a variety of needs - a trip to the flea market, a quick run to the grocery store, a picnic in the park, or a business meeting. The Wald 151 comes with struts that can mount the basket to either your front axle or fork-eyelets.

Keep in mind that adding weight to your front handlebars will change the way your bicycle handles. Please don't overload your basket as it can cause difficulty in steering or loss of bike control.

The Details:

  • Basket Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 7"
  • Strut length: 17.25 inches long
  • All hardware included
  • Only for mounting to handlebars with 7/8" & 1" diameter
  • Will fit on all PUBLIC bikes except Large size and C Medium-Large

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