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Loadfix Bungee Strap with fresh flowers from the local Farmer's Market click to enlarge

Swiss Loadfix Bungee Strap

(Currently not available)
We went all the way to Switzerland to find the strongest, most versatile bungee cord on the planet. Made by legendary moving company VTT, the extremely durable Loadfix bungee strap adjusts to the exact size you need in a very clever manner. Adjustable steel hooks can be moved to different places on the strap to alter its length. This strap is eco-friendly, too. It's made from 100% recycled fibers. A splash of orange adds a touch of flair to the mundane tasks of securing stuff to your bike. You'll also find numerous household applications for this super strong cord.

The Details:
  • Made from recycled fibers
  • 29.5 inches long
  • 2 steel hooks

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