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Planet Bike Rack Blinky 5 Taillight Seat Post Mount click to enlarge

Planet Bike Rack Blinky 5 Taillight

(Currently not available)
There's no better place to locate a taillight than on the very tail end of your rear rack. That way your basket or other rear rack loads won't block the visibility of your safety flashers. Meet the Blinky 5 Rear Light from Planet Bike. Whether you're biking home from work, school or a long training ride, this Blinky Rear Light has five super-bright LED tail lights to keep you safely visible, any time you hop on your bike. The Blinky 5 rear light mounts quickly and easily to your rear rack or seat post. Plus, these durable little LED lights run for over 100 hours or more.

The Details:
  • Rear Rack and Seat Post Mounts included
  • 5 Super-bright LEDs and built-in parabolic reflector provide visibility for up to one mile
  • Choice of flashing and steady modes
  • Ultra compact case is weatherproof, light weight and durable
  • Up to 100 hours of run time on 2AAA batteries (included)

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