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Pinhead Locking Axle Nuts (Pair)

$40.00  (Currently not available)
The Pinhead Locking Axle Nuts locks your front wheel and rear wheel directly to your bicycle frame, allowing you to lock up the frame and forget about cumbersome cables for your wheels.

The Pinhead locking axle nut replaces the standard fastener (15mm hex nut) that your bike was built with. Once installed, the lightweight, unobtrusive Pinhead locking fasteners remain on your bicycle when you ride, protecting your components from theft. If you do need to remove a component for bike maintenance, your unique locking key allows you to remove the wheel.

The Pinhead locking axle nuts can only be opened by its own unique key. The Pinhead lock cannot be replicated or picked like a key lock and cannot be cut like a cable lock. It is installed and removed only with a specially coded key. In the event of a key loss, any registered product owner can readily order a replacement key through Pinheads secure website.

The Details:

  • For axle diameter 3/8" with 26 tpi (threads per inch)
  • Includes two lock nuts (for two wheels) and one coded key
  • Not compatible with PUBLIC R16 or with quick release axles

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