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Pinhead Locking Axle Nut click to enlarge

Pinhead Locking Axle Nuts (Pair)

$40.00  (IN STOCK)
Pinhead Locking Axle Nuts prevent wheel theft on bicycles with bolt-on hubs (PUBLIC C1, V1, C7, V7, M7, M8i, D8i) by replacing the standard 15mm nut with one that requires a special key. Excellent for securing your valuable wheels in high theft areas, the addition of these locking nuts will ensure you need only carry a good U-lock, and can leave your extra cable at home.

The Details:

  • Works on most bolt on wheels
  • For axle diameter 3/8" with 26 tpi (threads per inch)
  • One set will secure both front and rear wheels (use one per wheel)
  • Unique coded key included
  • Not compatible with PUBLIC R16, R24 or with quick release axles

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