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Paul Sahre 40 X 60 Canvas

For 20 X 30 Unframed or 20 x 30 Framed, see below

A 40 x 60 poster might be the best $350 you can spend to improve to your life. I'm serous. Find a place in your home or office that will handle a big bold image. Get one you love. See it. Meditate on it everyday. Think different.

Humor and absurdity can give us insights into life's predicaments and the challenges of our modern world. Sahre is a master of this, and this simple inversion of car on top of a bike gets at the heart of the issue. Are we riding on cars or are they riding on us? Good design frequently asks us to look differently at our everyday world. This bold composition will grab attention on any wall, and we wish this image could be showcased in every DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office to offer a fresh perspective.

Paul Sahre works across multiple disciplines as a graphic designer, illustrator, lecturer, educator and author. Sahre established his New York studio in 1997. Notable for the design of books and book covers for authors such as Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Moody, Chuck Klosterman, Ben Marcus and Ernest Hemingway. Sahre is also a frequent visual contributor to The New York Times.

The Details:

  • 40 x 60 inches
  • Aqueous Matte Canvas
  • Water-resistant


  • STANDARD - Canvas arrives at 44 x 64 leaving you enough room to stretch or frame.
  • BANNER - Canvas arrives at 40 x 60 with slots at the top and bottom to hold a 3/4" dowel for easy hanging (dowels not included).



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