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PUBLIC Gift Wrap by MendeDesign click to enlarge

PUBLIC San Francisco Toile Gift Wrap

by MendeDesign
Regular: $10.00
Special: $2.00
(Currently not available)
Tired of the same kitschy gift-wrap for the holidays? Here is a very unique idea and one that should please anyone who appreciates bikes, cities, design, humor, wit, and graphic brilliance. Visual designer Jeremy Mende came up with this design for our PUBLIC Works project and it makes for a very special gift wrap.

It's that type of gift wrap that you may want to use, fold carefully and re-use, adding an element of sustainability to an already brilliant design.

You have to look very closely at this piece to appreciate it. He has depicted five typical local urban scenarios, a romantic park scene, a bicyclist avoiding a car door, a mom riding with her child, a woman pedaling past a car accident, and a locked bike missing its wheels. Although the urban imagery is realistic - and even violent - Mende has disguised this in a decorative sweet blue and white toile pattern, like something you might find on Victorian china or wallpaper at the Ritz. Good designers can be cleverly subversive and Mende excels in this genre. His work often involves such ironies and plays on traditional and "public" conceptions of design.

The Details:

  • Two sheets per package
  • Each sheet is 26" X 39"
  • Designed and printed in San Francisco

About Jeremy Mende
Mende is a visual designer from San Francisco, California and his local environmental influences have shaped this piece. In 2000 he founded MendeDesign, a creative firm that balances commercial projects with visual research and public art. His work defines design as equal parts expression, criticism, intuition, and advocacy. Mende is an Associate Professor of Design and Graphic Design at the California College of the Arts.

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