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Bike messenger rack
PUBLIC Porteur Rack in Silver click to enlarge
Bike messenger rack PUBLIC Porteur Front Bike Rack in Black Anodized Aluminum Chicago style pizza boxes on bike porteur rack PUBLIC Porteur Bike Rack in Silver Anodized Aluminum Bicycle cargo rack Bike rack cake box bungee straps Silver front bike rack Aluminum bike rack farmers market Front bike cargo rack PUBLIC Porteur Front Bike Cargo Rack in Black Anodized Alloy

PUBLIC Porteur Rack

List $129
Special Introductory Price

The PUBLIC Porteur Rack is inspired by a front bike rack design found on classic French delivery cycles. The wide front rack allowed newspaper couriers to pedal the busy streets of Paris while keeping their heavy stacks of papers within arms reach. Today, porteur racks are popular with everyone from hardcore bike messengers to Dutch grandmothers because the sturdy wide platform is one of the most versatile ways to carry large loads by bike.

The PUBLIC Porteur Rack is made from lightweight, durable aluminum and is easy to install on any PUBLIC bike. Its simple design works equally well for carrying a rack of beer or a case of wine, a bag of dog food or kitty litter, a stack of pizzas or a flat of strawberries. Some bike commuters prefer to strap a shoulder bag or briefcase onto a porteur rack rather than use bicycle pannier bags. The PUBLIC Porteur Rack also makes an excellent platform to bolt on a sturdy crate, basket, or pet carrier for your bike.

We highly recommend keeping a few bungee straps or a cargo net on your PUBLIC Porteur Rack whenever you leave home. You never know what sweet discoveries your bike ride will bring.

The Details:

  • Holds 18 lbs / 8kg
  • Lightweight TIG-welded tubular alloy construction
  • Tough anodized silver or black finish
  • Designed to fit PUBLIC bikes, but may fit other bikes with 700c wheels and 1"/22.2mm quill stems
  • Comes with all necessary mounting hardware
  • Deck: 280mm x 320mm
  • Weight: 2 lbs

The How To:

Click here to download the front rack installation instructions.

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