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Black aluminum front bike rack
shown: PUBLIC Front Bike Rack in Black click image above to enlarge
  • Black aluminum front bike rack
  • Light Blue Front Bike Rack
  • Bicycle front rack in orange
  • Front Bike Cargo Rack British Racing Green
  • Cream aluminum front rack for city bikes
  • Light Gray front PUBLIC bike rack
  • Silver Aluminum Dutch Bike Front Rack
  • Pink dutch bike front rack
  • Chartreuse Front Bicycle Rack
  • Royal Blue bike rack navy blue
  • European style Front Bike Rack
  • Front bike rack with removable metal bike basket
  • Front bike basket and front bike rack with bungee cargo net
  • Dutch Front Bike Rack
  • White Front Rack for City Bike
  • White Front Rack for Commuter Bike
  • White front bike rack women's bike
  • Front Bike Rack in Green

PUBLIC Front Bike Rack

$10.00 - $30.00

Our PUBLIC Front Rack was inspired by bike racks we saw in use throughout Amsterdam. This slender European-style front bike rack provides a handy versatile platform adaptable to almost any city bike. Ours come equipped with a spring clip system that allows you to fasten in a crate, jacket, newspaper, small pizza, yoga mat, or anything else you might want to keep your eyes on while riding. It's a great place to keep your lock or helmet when not in use. Color matched to our PUBLIC bikes for some fashion flair, and easy to install.

The Details:

  • Holds 18 lbs / 8kg
  • Lightweight tubular alloy construction
  • Unique stainless steel spring clip & stop for securing purses, packages, baskets, etc.
  • Designed to fit PUBLIC bikes, but may fit other bikes with 700c wheels and 22.2mm quill stems
  • Comes with all necessary mounting hardware
  • Color matched to PUBLIC bike colors

The How To:

Click here to download the front rack installation instructions.

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