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PUBLIC 700x35c Tire in Cream click to enlarge

PUBLIC 700x35c Tire with Reflective Stripe

Thin racing tires may be great for speed and agility. But they aren't so terrific when it comes to handling potholes, curbs, and the other flotsam and jetsom found on most city streets. The width of our Reflective Stripe Tires makes them ideal for urban riding, while the reflective stripe adds an extra level of visibility and safety at night. The cream color is what we choose for almost every PUBLIC bike, and the classic black color never goes out of style. They'll nicely accent almost any bicycle. These Reflective Stripe Tires come standard on our PUBLIC C, V, M, and D model bikes. They can be upgraded on almost any other PUBLIC bike for a small labor charge.

The Details:
  • Size: 700 x 35C
  • 60 threads per inch
  • Pressure Rating: 50-85 psi
  • Wire bead
  • Can be used on front or rear wheel
  • Weighs approximately 505g
  • Single tire - order 2 if you need a pair

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