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Milton Glaser click to enlarge

Milton Glaser 20 X 30 Poster

For 20 X 30 Framed or 40 X 60 Canvas, see below
$50.00  (IN STOCK)

"I originally thought the project name to be "pubic works", which I'd found provocative and thought provoking. Upon further consideration, I realized I was mistaken and the more acceptable and dignified title became apparent."
- Milton Glaser

Glaser, as the designer behind I Heart New York, needs no introduction as a supporter of all things urban and civic. He continues to surprise us with unusual images and fresh ways of see pattern, form, and visual communication. This piece needs to be seen up close and in detail to appreciate its nuances. Up close a mesmerizing pattern of dots moves across the surface. It is very much out of the 1960's poster tradition, a period when Glaser was coming up with iconic images like his Bob Dylan poster masterpiece.

New York based Milton Glaser co-founded the revolutionary Pushpin Studios in 1954, founded New York Magazine with Clay Felker in 1968, and established Milton Glaser, Inc. in 1974. Throughout his career Glaser has been a prolific creator of posters and prints many of which have become iconic. Glasers contribution to cities and design is best appreciated through his I Heart NY logo done in 1976.

The Details:

  • 20 x 30 inches
  • EPSON Enhanced Matte Paper



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