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Italian Wool Scarf click to enlarge

Italian Wool Scarf

Regular: $30.00
Special: $5.00
(Currently not available)
Enjoy the warmth of a quality wool scarf in rain or shine. An extra special feature is a nice loop that makes sure the scarf stays snug on your bikes rides. The nubby texture adds character and comfort. You'll be hard pressed to find an Italian wool scarf for such a great price.

Respecting the criteria of an old wool factory in Stia, Italy the family run business Tessilnova took the traditional technique one step further with a treatment to make the cloth water resistant. Instead of using Alum Rock, Teflon is used which makes the fabric both waterproof and stain-resistant.

A combination of creativity and traditional machinery from an old Italian wool factory guarantees the quality of Tessilnova's fabrics. Tessilnova produces a cloth made of strong, curly wool in Stia, Italy, the small town where the famous Stia wool factory was the pride (and provider of jobs) of the entire valley.

The Details:

  • 45 x 9
  • 100% Virgin Wool

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