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Frank Chimero 20 X 30 Poster

In 20 X 30 Framed and 40 X 60 Canvas, see below.
$50.00  (IN STOCK)

Chimero's piece is a mixture of functional and romantic sensibilities that go the heart of the nature of the bike, an object that combines beauty and purpose so elegantly. He discusses this notion himself on his blog:

"Bikes express this idea (PUBLIC) in many ways: escaping the private space of a car to be out in the world; the shared resources of public roads, lanes, and trails for the bikes; and the fostering of closer-knit, human-scaled urban communities made possible by bike transport. All of this may seem like pie-in-the-sky thinking, but I think it is achievable. The bike is one of the many pieces necessary to create friendlier places to live and work. Another essential component is a different way of thinking: understanding what is enough, then opting out of having our own of everything. Instead, we should be willing to share and enjoy what we have together. Public parks, spaces, resources, and programs are not mine or yours. Public is ours."

Frank Chimero, a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and illustrator, often uses symbolism, concepts, and storytelling to create thought provoking pieces. His clients include The New York Times, Nike, Wired, Microsoft, Bloomberg-Business Week, Newsweek, The Atlantic, Starbucks, GOOD and others. Franks work has appeared on both The Colbert Report and The Suite Life with Zach and Cody, spanning the full quality-spectrum of television.

The Details:

  • 20 x 30 inches
  • EPSON Enhanced Matte Paper



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