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Brooks Proofide 25g tin click to enlarge

Brooks Proofide Leather Saddle Dressing

$12.00  (IN STOCK)
If you take care of them, Leather Saddles will last a lifetime. Proofide is Brooks Leather Care cream used to keep the leather supple. The cream is specially formulated from natural ingredients to condition, preserve and water proof saddles.

A new saddle should also be treated with Brooks Proofide leather dressing to help assist the breaking-in process. Apply a little Proofide to the finished side of the leather. Allow the Proofide to permeate until dry and then polish off. On bicycles not fitted with fenders, an initial application to the underside of the saddle will be beneficial, but there is no need to polish off the underside. Proofide should be used several times during the breaking-in period and every 6 months thereafter.

The leather gets its unique color during the tanning process. It is possible, therefore, that some color residues will remain. It is recommended to polish the saddle with a soft cloth before first use.


  • 25 Gram Tin
  • Not for use more than a few times per year - it can potentially ruin your saddle

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