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PUBLIC bikes fleet provides a faster, economical option for Williams-Sonoma employees to move between its four offices.

How it started

Williams-Sonoma has four offices within San Francisco that are all within a few miles of each other. Most employees spend money on cabs, drive their cars, or wait for the company shuttle bus to transport them. Offering employees bikes as an amenity offered a solution to several needs. Rather than investing in another employee shuttle, the company offered bikes as a healthy, faster, and easy alternative transportation.


William-Sonoma contacted us with a need to provide an alternative form of transportation for its employees. We offered them stock bikes with functional commuter accessories. The bikes got installed in the lobbies of the offices.


With a fleet of PUBLIC bikes at each location, employees can save money and time moving between office buildings. It’s a healthier way to get around the city for meetings. Also it’s a great way for employees to head out to lunch with their colleagues.

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