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Fashion Cycles: The Best Bikes—and the Pre-Fall Looks That Go With Them
“How will your fashion look on a cycle? As we ease into the last weeks of summer, bike style is the new street style. So why not count your chic cruiser as a seasonal staple?”
    - Katherine Bernard, August 2012

Most Wanted
“I will be in New York for Fashion Week, and I love the idea of riding bikes in Central Park. We can take a delicious picnic, find a nice spot – you can't beat that!”
    - Aminata Niaria, 2011

Elle Decor Logo

Roll Models
“The company started by Design Within Reach founder Rob Forbes, creates handsome bikes in a variety of colors that you can sample on their innovative website. If you're in San Francisco, consider visiting their showroom; if not, have the bike of your choice shipped directly to your home nearly fully assembled. A few turns of the wrench and you'll be ready to roll.”
    - Joel Simon, August 2012

PUBLIC Transportation
“Styled after unisex Parisian mixte bicycles, the three speed M3 by PUBLIC is geared toward easy-riding urbanites, with fenders for splash-free pedaling, a chain guard, and reflector-rimmed tires.”
    - Erin Swift, Elle Decor, November 2010

Asterisk San Francisco

You Are Traveling, Not Being Traveled
The sleek designs and upright handles makes PUBLIC Bikes a first buyer's perfect fit, and the eye-catching candy colors make it impossible to say no.
    - Laura Zimmerman, July 2012


Take Back the Burbs
Sure, city dwellers have embraced biking as a convenient way to get around. But the next bike wave is brewing where most of us live.
    - Dan Koeppel, June 2012

Natural Health

Get the Gear
Make your bike commute safer, easier and more enjoyable with these cycling essentials.
    - April / May 2012


Bike Brigade - Roadster
“Cast off that too-heavy messenger bag digging into your collarbone. Let your bike do the heavy lifting and opt for a pannier, a pair of bags that drapes over your rear rack. Public’s waterproof design comes in four colors and carries up to 30 liters.”
    - April 2012

Public, from Rob Forbes
“What people may not know is that Forbes has an abiding love of urban design, mobility, and most especially, bicycles. Forbes’s newest venture is called Public and it’s all about enabling and encouraging these passions. We talked to Forbes about mission-driven business, carlessness, and amateur modeling.”
    - Sarah Rich, Dwell, February 5, 2010

San Francisco Chronicle

Bike Style Shifts Gears
“Bike style is no longer a matter of function over form. Cyclists around the world are switching sartorial gears with clothing and accessories that are chic and reflect their health and eco-conscious sensibilities.”
    - Sarah Adler, San Francisco Chronicle, April 2012

Great European cities inspire bikes for S.F.
“Public Bike's retro-style cruisers...have gear configurations of one, three and eight speeds and internal hubs to comfortably navigate the city’s hilly topography, tires wide enough to maneuver uneven pavement, and fenders to deflect water and grime. The lightweight steel frames are designed to accommodate riders wearing dresses or business suits. ‘Looking good and feeling good while bicycling is a great start to making our streets more friendly for all commuters,’ says Forbes.”
    - Leilani Marie Labong, San Francisco Chronicle, 18 April 2010


The Sharing Economy
“San Francisco is a bicycle town, and cool wheels abound. Fashion-savvy riders cruise around on European styles from South Park's PUBLIC Bikes which also supplies bikes to companies including PeopleBrowsr, for their employees to share.
    - Neal Gorenflo and Lisa Gansky, April 2012

Public Bikes Aims to Get San Franciscans Out of Their Cars
“Not surprisingly, Forbes’ design highlights both utility and high aesthetics: Elevated handlebars promote upright posture—versus the crouched, head-down position of performance bikes, Forbes points out—for better visibility and a safer ride. The step-through frame is both practical and female-friendly. ‘You can even wear a skirt,’ boasts Forbes.”
    - Chris Le, April 2010


Public Bikes' Founder On His Fave S.F. Bike Paths And More
Headquartered next to S.F.’s beautiful South Park, the much buzzed-about brand combines stunning European-inspired design—most notably marked by a jaw-dropping array of playful hues—with comfort and performance.
    - Katie Hintz-Zambrano, July 2011


Bike Reviews
The PUBLIC M8 was designed to reflect the classic 1960s and 1970s Parisian "mite" bicycle. I love that is looks vintage, but is engineered with all new technology. It has a designer style, elegant details and is very unique compared to any other bike on the road.
    - Chaidi Lobato, July 2011


The Good Life
“There's plenty of evidence that geeks like me—people who covet cutting-edge components and carbon fiber—have simply added a bike to their collection, a machine that offers a kind of low-tech, unpretentious simplicity. San Francisco's Public Bikes is typical of the new-wave companies bringing nontraditional creativity to the bike industry....Public Bikes, which Forbes launched in 2010, brings the DWR perspective to bikes with simple, attractive, and functional models whose appeal stretches beyond conventional bike tradition.”
    - Dan Koeppel, June 2011

Martha Stewart Living

Good Things
Spring 2011

Back on the Bike
PUBLIC D3 – the strong but lightweight diamond frame of this model dates to 19th-century racing bikes.
Fall 2010

Fast Company Logo

Rob Forbes Plugs "Evolutionary" Public D 3-Speed Bicycle
“Forbes's Public D is less revolutionary than evolutionary. U.S. bicycles are mostly based on racing and mountain bikes. But Forbes drew on Britain's 19th-century "double diamond," the ancestor of the modern European city bike. He tweaked the classic, reducing the tire size and turning the handlebars up for a more ergonomically friendly ride.”
    - Jeff Chu, Fast Company, 1 July 2010

Wired Logo

Public Bikes: Fixed-Gear Style with Granny-Bike Ride
“‘Public Bikes may be on to something here. These are the same kind of bikes you see all over the place in many Northern European cities. They’re cheap, strong and comfortable, all of which encourages you to ride more... The cool-looking machines combine the sleek, pared-down look of a fixed-gear bike with the comfort and practicality of the Dutch City Bike.”
    - Charlie Sorrel, Wired, 25 March 2010

Wall Street Journal

The Season of Biker Chic
“You don't have to hunch over low, curled handlebars. The seats are wide and cushy. And fenders guard against mud puddles, and chain and skirt guards protect clothes. They've become a hot choice for the rising numbers of urban bike commuters in the U.S.”
    - Christina Binkley, Wall Street Journal, 15 July 2010

New York Times

The Wheel Thing
“With his [Rob Forbes] new company, Public, he’s taking the pain out of acquiring another elusive design object: the stylish, practical city bike, the kind that the Dutch and Danish ride. A longtime urban cyclist himself, Forbes watched as places like New York, San Francisco and even Louisville, Ky., spent the last decade opening bike lanes and encouraging alternative transportation...Forbes still believes in living a well-designed life, but this time around he’s taking his gospel to the streets.”
    - Monica Khemsurov, New York Times Magazine, 26 April 2010

Vanity Fair Logo

A selective gallery of designer items with a classic flair that are on the must-have list for the summer. PUBLIC's D3 bicycle is featured among them! 
June 2010

O Magazine

The O List
Easy Rider – the redesign of this classic French bicycle offers smooth pedaling and a chance to shrink your carbon footprint.
September 2010

Daily Candy

San Francisco-Friendly Bikes Roll into Town
“Rob Forbes, the founder of Design Within Reach, set out to make an urban bike whose form truly met its function, and thus, Public was born.... And they have SF-friendly details: a durable frame that’s light enough to carry to your third-floor walk-up, a metal basket for your bag, and an upright posture so you can see oncoming Muni buses.
Daily Candy, San Francisco Edition, 19 April 2010

Delta Sky Magazine
“Style Inspiration – Portland, Oregon”
- August 2010


Public Bikes Launches in New York with Style
“Public Bikes claims that it’s not a bike company, but is a ‘more livable cities’ company. Founder Rob Forbes launched Public Bikes in New York at ICFF with a big public ride from Javits Center in midtown to the Tretorn store in SOHO. Forbes calls his bikes ‘supremely practical objects’ but they are also very beautiful.”
    - Lloyd Alter, TreeHugger, 18 May 2010

Maxim Magazine Logo

Wheel Power
“This is the PUBLIC D8, an 8-speed city slicker that looks a little like an old beach cruiser, but built for the burn. These stylish intermediaries are influenced by the European streets of yore, and available now but buy a helmet too.”
    - William Buckley, Maxim, 7 June 2010

Interior Design

Public Bikes
“[Rob Forbes] has a new start up company called Public Bikes and has put together a collection of super-hip bikes to make biking more popular around cities in the U.S. Influenced by Dutch and Danish biking lifestyles, he is trying to get as many people as possible onto his Public saddles.”
    - Ghislaine Viñas, Interior Design, 15 May 2010


The new pin-ups of American design
“‘There’s a huge growth in interest and awareness of how people get from A to B in the States at the moment,’ says Rob Forbes, the founder of Design Within Reach and the man behind Publicbikes.com, an e-tail outlet selling beautifully conceived, expertly functioning bicycles based on classic European designs.”
    - Hugo Macdonald, Monocle, 14 May 2010

Apartment Therapy

Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand from Public
“Here’s a new way to store your bicycle in your home: Public’s Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand. As the name implies, the design relies on gravity and not holes in your wall – ideal for renters and homeowners alike.”
    - Aaron Able, Apartment Therapy, 18 May 2010

Get Married

Give & Get
“Give a little . . . Get a lot – ha! Sweet ideas for both sides of gifting that are equal parts you and him. One hot set of wheels. A Stylin’ 3 Speed, PUBLIC D3.”
Spring 2011

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