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Bikes provide an efficient way for this major technology company's employees to get around its large corporate campus.


How it started

Efficient transportation is a real challenge for some of the larger corporate campuses. Employees could be found standing idle waiting for shuttle buses or walking long distances between buildings. To solve this problem and have a little fun, this company, who wishes to remain anonymous, wanted to start an Employee Bike Share Program.


After a request for proposals of the leading bike brands and an extensive review process, this company chose PUBLIC for our design aesthetic and simple functionality. The company selected PUBLIC to design a custom bike for its corporate campus. After an initial order for a test fleet of 10 stock PUBLIC bikes, the company approved and asked PUBLIC to develop a custom bike. An initial order for 140 mixte-frame bikes was so well received, the company placed an additional order for 280 bikes (a total of 420+ bikes on its corporate campus).


Employees arrive to business meetings around campus on two wheels. This speaks to the culture and spirit of the company. Now over 420+ bikes are used to help employees get from one building to another. The bikes are stationed in various buildings.

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