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Recognize the hard work of Meraki employees. PUBLIC bikes are a great reward, especially for employees who live in the city and want to commute to work.

How it started

A large company acquired San Francisco-based Meraki. To celebrate they wanted to give their employees a really special holiday gift.

For a technology company located in the heart of the city where vehicle street parking is scarce, it made perfect sense to encourage employees to bicycle commute to work. Meraki’s employee gift was perfectly suited for its culture of openness.


We worked together to quickly turnaround close to 250 stock bikes. Meraki developed custom decals that were applied to our stock Silver and Black PUBLIC bikes. PUBLIC delivered 175 bikes to local employees and shipped another 70 bikes all over the country, Mexico, and Europe. Employees were thrilled to receive their Meraki PUBLIC bikes as a thank you for their hard work.


As employees ride their Meraki PUBLIC bikes through the streets of San Francisco, they extend the spirit and brand of the company outside the headquarter walls. It’s advertising made healthy.

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