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Offering guests the option to ride a custom PUBLIC bike to experience the city they’re visiting provides a unique amenity and memory of the experience.

How it started

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants wanted to extend their brand outside their hotel doors while offering their guests a free amenity consistent with their commitment to health, well-being and a sense of fun and adventure. Prior to working with PUBLIC, individual properties has varying levels of bike offerings, but with PUBLIC, Kimpton has a high quality, high design fleet of custom branded bikes that will be identifiable across the country. They wanted to work with PUBLIC because our design and customer base aligned with their brand. Read the press release here.


Our creative teams worked together on mock-ups of several PUBLIC bike models. Kimpton chose the colors. Indivdual properties purchased custom bikes that we shipped Ready to Ride. Now Kimpton offers its hotel guests custom PUBLIC bikes at all 60+ properties around the country this year. Each property offers the same custom bikes with the Kimpton colors and brand.

The partnership was the vision of Kimpton's newly appointed Chief Operating Officer and avid bicyclist, Mike DeFrino, who recognized the kindred qualities of the boutique bike brand. Within Kimpton, he is also affectionately known as the CBO (Chief Bike Officer).

"Biking is taking over in urban centers across the globe as a sensible way to get around town and explore new places," said DeFrino. "Biking treads lightly on the planet, which we care a great deal about. It's fun and it gets the blood pumping too. PUBLIC is a perfect partner for us because we both share the impassioned belief that design matters in everyday life and that the urban biking experience is one of the best ways to explore a city. As a bike enthusiast commuter myself, I could not be more excited to bring this complimentary perk to our guests."


These custom bikes will be signature amenities for Kimpton guests no matter which property they’re staying in. Kimpton guests will be able to reserve bikes to explore neighborhoods, get some exercise, or even take a picnic to the park. The bikes allow Kimpton Hotels to extend their high quality customer experience beyond the confines of the hotel.

The bikes are complimentary for guests' enjoyment at all properties nationwide, in keeping with Kimpton's commitment to health, well-being and sense of fun and adventure. The Kimpton PUBLIC bike will be easy to spot on the street with its custom cherry-red frame with orange and blue accents, cream tires, matching double walled rims, brass bell, and rear basket that can be filled with tasty picnic fare by Kimpton's award-winning chefs and available for purchase at each hotel. The three-speed mixte frame bikes, with their appealing blend of classic design and modern, vibrant hues, make it fun to go out for a spin whether a novice or expert cyclist.

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