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Bicycle Questions

What size should I order?
We have a handy size chart to help. If you're on the border between two sizes, we strongly recommend contacting us before ordering so we can help you get the best fit, and save you the trouble of an exchange.
PUBLIC V1, V7, V7i PUBLIC C1, C7, C7i
  S/M 5'2" -  5'7"     S/M 4'8" -  5'5"  
  M/L 5'8" -  6'2"     M/L 5'6" -  5'10"  
  S 5'3" -  5'8"     S/M 5'0" -  5'6"  
  M 5'8" -  6'0"     M/L 5'7"  -  6'0"  
  L 6'0" -  6'5"          
  S 5'4" -  5'7"  
  M 5'8" -  5'11"  
  L 5'11" -  6'3"  

How much do your bikes weigh?
Our bikes weigh anywhere from 28-32 lbs, depending on the size and number of gears on the bike. Our bikes are designed to be light enough to carry a flight of stairs but durable enough to withstand the bump on the road. Lighter bikes tend to be made of aluminum or carbon, but we've built our bikes from lightweight steel which will last a lifetime and beyond – and will comfortably absorb the shocks of urban riding significantly better than other materials.

By comparison, here are weights for typical steel bikes:

Track bike: 18-20 lbs
PUBLIC bikes: 28-32 lbs, depending on size and model of bikes
Dutch bike: >40 lbs

I'm short. Got a bike for me that is not a kid's bike?
Definitely. We specifically designed a bike that would work for people 5'3” and under. Take a look at our Small size bikes.

Is assembly required?
If you live in or near a PUBLIC retail store, you're in luck. If you purchase a PUBLIC bike directly from us through publicbikes.com or contact one of our stores, we can assemble your bike at no additional cost to you for pick-up at our PUBLIC retail stores  - and of course there is no shipping charge too. Call ahead to check our inventory. If you live far from one of our retail stores, we recommend our Ready to Ride Shipping option where you receive a bike that's been 99% assembled by our mechanics and is delivered right to your door. You can read more details about our Ready to Ride and other delivery options here

How do I test ride one of your bikes?
We have test ride locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and other select locations around the country. You can test ride our bikes at one of our PUBLIC retail stores. Please click here for test ride locations and schedules. We also have dealers around the country who sell PUBLIC bikes and can special order a bike for you. 

Where else are you selling your bikes?
We are primarily selling online, but you can test ride bikes and purchase bikes from our PUBLIC retail stores. As we grow, we'll continue to add more dealers around the country who stock limited PUBLIC bikes and can special order a bike for you.

Where are your bikes made?
This subject is near and dear to our heart. We are a California company and we design our own bikes in San Francisco. The final assembly and fine-tuning is performed with care by our expert bike mechanics in Oakland. The different bike components are sourced from all over the world, from Brooks of England to Shimano of Japan, and the frames are built to our unique specifications by leading bike factories in Taiwan primarily. We also source some components from major bicycle industry leaders in China. 

The bike industry in Taiwan is highly sophisticated, and bike manufacturers there have earned a reputation for excellence in producing world-class bikes for decades. We explored numerous manufacturing sources when we set out to establish PUBLIC. We visited bike makers in the U.S., Holland, and Italy, and all of them directed us to Asia. In the US today, 93% of the bicycles sold are made in China, and 6% are made in Taiwan (source). We are proud to be among the handful of quality bike companies working with the some of the best bike builders in the world in Taiwan.

Legendary bike companies like Schwinn, Bianchi, and Raleigh rely on manufacturers there. In fact, newer great US headquartered companies like Trek, Cannondale, and Specialized have most of their bikes made in Asia. We visited these manufacturers and met many family businesses that go back 20–30 years. They are excellent craftsmen with high manufacturing standards and a strong work ethic. We visit our manufacturers several times a year and always come away impressed with their craftsmanship, labor practices, and care for their employees, products, and partnerships.

While the U.S. – and Europe too – has lost its ability to compete on moderately priced “production” bikes, the U.S. excels internationally at handmade bikes. There are numerous highly skilled-framed builders that we can refer you to for a U.S. made frame. We know many of these craftsmen personally. These handmade bikes cost more than ours, of course, as well they should. There are also numerous independent bike stores in urban areas in the U.S. that can build a great custom bike for you, as well as superb high-end limited production manufacturers like Seven Cycles, Independent Fabricators, and Serotta that make some of the best custom bikes in the world. Keep in mind that all of these superb manufacturers rely to some degree on some foreign based components.

PUBLIC is committed to creating a free world for all. Through a partnership with Made In A Free World, we are using the FRDM™ platform to analyze leading risk indicators and protect against forced labor in our supply chain.


Kids Bikes

How big is the box for the PUBLIC Mini balance bike?
The PUBLIC Mini kids balance bike comes in a box that's about 33 inches in length x 5 1/2 inches in width x 21 1/2 inches in height. The weight of the box is roughly 15 lbs.


Delivery and Shipping Questions

When will I get my bike?
If you choose our Ready to Ride Shipping option, you will receive a boxed bike at your doorstep within 7-10 business days after your order, depending on your distance from San Francisco. Of course, if you live in or near San Francisco, please visit one of our stores. Call ahead to check our inventory.

How are bicycles shipped?
If you don't live near San Francisco, we recommend choosing our Ready to Ride Shipping option. Your bike will be shipped to your door 99% assembled. Read more details about our Ready to Ride. We have other delivery options too.

Do you ship to Alaska? Hawaii?
We ship to Alaska and Hawaii for an extra cost, but we'll need to discuss with you over the phone for a specific quote.  Please call us at 415-896-0123.

Do you ship internationally or to a APO address?

At this time, we are unable to ship any products outside of the United States or to an APO address.

Where do you ship from?
All of our orders ship from Oakland, California.

I live near a PUBLIC retail store, can I pick up my bike from you?
Please visit one of our stores. Call ahead to check our inventory. You get to meet one of our friendly staff and we get to meet you. And you can ride away on your new bike.

How big is the bike cardboard box that I will receive when I order Ready to Ride? How big is the box if it arrives unassembled?
The bike cardboard box you will receive is 72 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 38 inches in height if you order your bike Ready to Ride. With your 99% assembled bike inside, the bike box weighs ~45 lbs. We recommend 10 innovative ways for you to transform your cardboard box. If we're shipping an unassembled bike to you (and an experienced bike mechanic will put your bike together), the box is 53 x 7.5 x 29 inches & weighs ~41 lbs.

Ordering Questions

How do I make changes or cancel my order?
There is a small window after you place your order where we are able to make changes. If you find you do need to make any changes, please call us as soon as possible so we can assist you.

How do I redeem my promotion code?
If you have a promotion code, you can enter it on the shopping cart page during checkout and click “UPDATE” to receive the appropriate discount.

What if I am not happy with my bike?
We'll do our best to make you happy. Please check out our return policy for the details.

Can I ship my order to multiple addresses?
If you need to ship to multiple addresses, please create two separate orders. If you need assistance, please call us and we'll help you place your order.

Can I place an order for a backordered item?
Yes, backordered items will be available to purchase.

Do you collect sales tax?
Taxes are calculated for each shipping address total based on the state to which the order is shipped. We currently collect state and local sales tax in California and Washington state only.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
We sell gift certificates at our Bay Area PUBLIC retail stores that can only be used for in-store purchases. Our PUBLIC GIft Cards cannot be purchased online or used for online purchases. Please call any of our Bay Area PUBLIC retail stores to purchase a PUBLIC Gift Card for in-store purchases only.

Do you offer Gift Wrap?
Not yet. But we hope to in the future. But probably not on the bicycles.

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