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Delivery Options

Our Delivery Options

Our goal at PUBLIC is to make it as easy, convenient, and safe for you to buy and ride one of our bikes.
Here are our three options:

Ready To Ride. Shipped to your door 99% assembled. (LEARN MORE & WATCH VIDEO)

If you live outside the San Francisco Bay Area, we highly recommend our Ready to Ride option. With Ready to Ride, the bicycle is shipped directly by FedEx to your home or office and arrives within 7-10 business days, depending on where you live.

You'll receive a bike that's been fine-tuned by our professional bike mechanics and packaged with care. It will arrive 99% assembled with the wheels in place. All you need to do is unwrap the bike, complete a few simple assembly steps, and be riding in less than 10 minutes. With our Ready to Ride option, it takes longer to unpack the bike from the box than it does to complete the final steps to attach the pedals and tighten the handlebar. In our years shipping bikes Ready to Ride around the country, we've never had anyone contact us and tell us they don't know what to do to complete the finishing touches. It's that easy.

Ready to Ride is also our recommended solution for gift purchases to be sent anywhere in the contiguous US for a flat fee of $135 per bike.

Inside the box you’ll find your bike, the seat with the seat post, the handlebars with the steering stem, as well as a parts box containing pedals, a three-way hex Allen wrench, a 15 millimeter wrench, touch-up paint and an owner’s manual. This is all you need, other than a knife or scissors to open the box. There is also a one-page assembly guide included in the box all designed to make it easy for anyone. Our friends who aren't "mechanically-inclined" are amazed how easy it is to turn and tighten the handlebars, attach the pedals, and start riding in 10 minutes after opening your box. View our assembly video. We also provide you 10 innovative ways to transform your cardboard bike box after you've finished assembling your bike.

Find Your Own Mechanic. Bare-bones shipping of un-assembled bikes.

You'll receive an un-assembled bike packed in a smaller factory box that has not been fine-tuned by our mechanics. This is the way they’re shipped to our bike shop dealers for assembly, and the way a lot of other online retailers sell bikes. It will not include instructions or specialized tools needed for the complicated process of building and tuning a bike for optimal and safe riding performance. You will need to contact a reputable bike shop in your area to schedule an appointment for their mechanics to build and tune the bike, and you will need to arrange transport of the large bike box to the shop. Typical bike shop assembly service costs $75-$100 and usually must be scheduled a week in advance. To ensure your bike is safe to ride, we only recommend assembly by professional bicycle mechanics with specialty tools and training. 

If you run into problems with your bike down the road, we are only able to assist you if you can provide documentation that your bike was professionally assembled in a certified bike shop. PUBLIC is not responsible for any damage, failures, or injuries caused by bicycles that were not professionally assembled.

San Francisco Bay Area In-Store Pickup. Good for Locals.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can place an order online and pick it up at our Oakland store or Valencia store. It will take 7-10 business days to deliver your order to our store. We will call you when it is ready for pick-up, and you can ride away on your new bike.

Need it now? Call any of our stores to see if we have your items in stock. If one of our stores has what you're looking for, you can place an order with them over the phone instead of online. 

We're Here For You Either Way.
No matter how you order, or where you have your PUBLIC bike shipped, we are here to help you. Simply call our customer support team at 888-450-0123 and a live PUBLIC Agent will provide an answer. As with our bikes, we are dedicated to a good experience and we guarantee satisfaction.


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