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Customer Quotes


"Please stop making your bikes so amazing. I've been chased down the streets of Atlanta three times now to be questioned about my bike one person tried to buy it from me, and by the time I finish going over how light the bike is, how easy it is to slide up hills with the internal hub, and how simple the ready-to-ride assembly was, mixed in with complements on how stunning the bike is in person, I'm late to work. This must end. But in all seriousness, thank you for finally signing a dealer in Atlanta. Hopefully with a few more of these bikes on the road down here I'll catch a bit of a break. Keep up the good work."
- Tim

"I love that I can just dress and go with my PUBLIC bike! I can count on a smooth, fast ride whether I'm donning heels or flip flops. My PUBLIC bike doesn't force me to judge my wardrobe choice in terms of bike friendliness, making it perfect for the urban commuter. Not to mention that I can haul everything I need for a busy day and night! Avoiding city traffic has never been so fun...and easy!"
- Shayla Smith

"When I test rode a PUBLIC, I fell in love with one thing above all else: Its silence. The fenders didn't ping. The shifting was crisply adjusted. The brakes never squalled. Silence tells the tale for a bike elitist, and for PUBLIC it told a very pleasing tale. They ride like bikes much more expensive than what they are."
- Brendan Quirk, blogger extraordinaire and owner of Competitive Cyclist

"What's not to love? Look how happy I am on my PUBLIC Bike."
- Lynn Friedman

"I'm so in love with my PUBLIC bike. I've made profound time savings not having to think about what to wear before I bike to meetings around town. My PUBLIC bike was definitely designed for commuter and casual riding. This bike is also good for people with bad backs! I currently have an injured disc and got this upright Dutch-style bike for that reason. It's helped me be more physical which is directly healing my back."
- Ann Cheng, Mayor of El Cerrito, CA

“The ride of the PUBLIC bike made me smile – even in NYC traffic. The bike was surprisingly fast, and simultaneously confidence inspiring. Even I felt cool when riding PUBLIC’s D1.”
- Rob Vandermark, Founder, Seven Cycles

"I can’t help but spread the love - people ask me CONSTANTLY where my bike is from. I get 'nice bike' about 10 times a day. I can’t go unnoticed on my PUBLIC!!!"
- Ghislaine Viñas

"I purchased a Cream-colored PUBLIC M3 for my girlfriend, Juliet. This is a stylish photo of us in our tweed finery at the SF Tweed Ride. Juliet loves her bike, and has named it 'Pearl'. We love riding around town together."
- Mark Dwight, Founder & CEO, Rickshaw Bagworks, Inc.

"I generally ride to complete errands - and have received positive acknowledgement while both riding and parked. In all my years of riding bicycles, I can't remember receiving any feedback on my ride. I think this is a testament to the efforts of PUBLIC Bikes. Since the delivery of my D3 - I've been reintroduced to the joy of riding a bicycle. In my new found bicycle euphoria, I recently I took my 32 year old "custom" road bike out for a spin. After that experience, I now am committed to my PUBLIC D3. This also prompted me to purchase a M8 for my wife to replace her old 12-speed. Thanks for a comfortable, stylish, smooth, and quiet ride."
- David Kotzebue, Architect

"Bikes make me happy and they always have. It's taken 14 years of marriage, but my wife is getting the bug too. Usually our wedding anniversary celebration would include dinner at the finest restaurant in town. But for our 14th anniversary we rode to a picnic spot and sat in the grass passing notes back and forth. As we pushed our bikes throughout the grass back to the path, she looked over and said, 'That was the best anniversary ever.' "
- Alex Bogusky, owner of FearLess Cottage and lifelong bike enthusiast

“Finally, a light weight but heavy duty urban bike that doesn’t look or ride like a recreational wanna-be; no Lycra, shocks, or clipless. This is a bike for carrying groceries, going to a meeting in a suit, or just kicking around with friends.”
- Bert Hill, Professional Utility Bicyclist and Safety Course instructor, San Francisco Bike Coalition

“Just a quick note to tell you how much fun I had yesterday – and how much I LOVE my public bike. Maria and I were both saying that we feel as though a whole new world has opened up to us, a way to enjoy New York much more. I’m totally, totally hooked.”
- Susan Casey, Editor in chief, O, The Oprah Magazine

“I just received my PUBLIC today, this was as exciting as getting my Schwinn Corvette, when I was ten!! Light weight, agile, fast, and the ergonomics rival the European bikes at a much better value. I had it up and running in about 1 1/2 hrs. (I’m a novice assembler). Did I say that the quality and paint job is unsurpassed.”
- Morlen – Creator of the Guerrilla Truck Show, Morlen Sinoway Atelier Chicago

“I feel like a million bucks on my new bike. The ease and comfort of riding is like nothing I ever could have imagined. Granted I have been riding a vintage 10 speed (only 2 speeds work) Panasonic with terrible brakes, a garbage bag over a leaky seat, no kick stand, and a chain that locks about every ten pedals. My PUBLIC Babe, as I am now calling her, has changed my life and I can’t stop talking about it!!!”
- Lauren Gerrie, Chef and Owner of bigLITTLE Get Together, Manhattan

"I've been looking for a simple, beautiful bike for years, and finally found it in PUBLIC. There is nothing excessive or overdone in the design, and the ride is comfortable whether it's down the street or across the city. This bike is the perfect fit for me."
- Jenny Stevens, Graphic Designer

“As soon as I got on my new PUBLIC, I thought ‘this thing rides like butter!’ – and every time I get on it I feel the same way. It is just a joy to ride. Also, I got the gorgeous orange bike and people keep stopping me and saying how beautiful it is. What can I say? Both visually and functionally, this thing is a joy.”
- Amandeep (’Deep) Jawa, Software Engineer, Apple, San Francisco

“My new PUBLIC bike rides like a king, and did so from the first pedal stroke. It makes my daily rides through over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan more quiet, more efficient and more fun.”
- Ben Watson, Creative Director, Herman Miller, Brooklyn, NY

“My PUBLIC is comfortable, intuitive, and just plain fun to ride. Meanwhile, school girls have chorused from open car windows "we love your bike!!!" and waved while their mom smiled & honked her horn.  One woman stopped a cell phone conversation to yell "nice bike!"  And just this morning two dudes jackhammering asphalt stopped the jackhammer to say, "nice bike!" and then, "orange is my favorite color!".  Basically, every day I leave my house I feel like I am in a commercial for human joy.  That is to say, keep on doing what you're doing.  The response I've seen from pure strangers leads me to believe I've already got a collectors item on my hands."
- Catherine Meng, Berkeley, CA

“The bike is a WOW. The family thinks it’s a WOW. Hannah wanted to know how she could get hers, this from a girl who has previously turned her nose up at anything without an engine in a car designed by Germans. And the gears are AMAZING – really solid with exquisitely smooth transition.”
- Hope Schneider, La Cañada

“Okay – I'm properly impressed. This is pretty much the bike I've spent the last 2 years looking for. I took a little spin that made me smile. It was very quiet – that surprised me.”
- Allyn Davis, San Francisco

“I have been enjoying the bell. Mostly I ring it when I see kids. Then they ask me for ice cream.” 
- Don Stevenson, Charlottesville, Virginia, Editor. Family man. Treehouse idealist.

"My D8 showed up last week while I was on a fly-fishing trip with some college buddies. While fishing and reconnecting with my buddies was great, all I could think about was getting back home so that I could see my new ride. I have raced for years and have owned a lot of classic and expensive bikes (and still do), but I will have to say, for the money, this is the finest, classiest, and most desirable ride I have ever owned. I am so looking forward to many years of "oooh, where'd you get that bike?" and the "that bike is so sweet!" Well done PUBLIC. Get ready...you're about to start receiving more orders from Atlanta."
- Dan Joseph, Atlanta

"I love my new PUBLIC bike. I ride it to work and it feels great to ride. So nice, solid, and comfortably upright for city riding. It rides like a much more expensive bike."
- Cheryl Brinkman, San Francisco

“On the bike trail next to the West Side Highway (in Manhattan) we were passed by many on far fancier, more expensive bikes, with riders wearing colourful lycra and clip-in shoes. I thought that they were a lot faster, but we were having a lot more fun.”
- Lloyd Alter, Architect, Trehugger Writer, Toronto

“I love my PUBLIC bike and I love riding it throughout the City. The experience feels different than with my other bikes - the PUBLIC's form and function seems perfectly designed for enjoyable transportation-focused riding. During almost every ride I receive compliments about the bike.”
- Michael Michaud, Developer & Consultant, San Francisco

“My PUBLIC ride is incredibly smooth and comfortable. I feel like I'm gliding through the streets. Most importantly, it feels sturdy and safe. I can't believe how light it is considering how it rides all of NYC's street conditions.”
- Linsday Ganson, Transportation Advocate, New York City

"My sister and I are riding all around NYC. I cannot believe how many compliments we get on our PUBLIC bikes. We love the accessories like our baskets and pumps that go with our bikes.”
- Ally Hilfiger, New York City

"Buying my PUBLIC felt different than my other bike purchases; the sales process felt well-designed and appropriate for bikes for transportation rather than recreation. I continue to love my bike and its color; my other bikes are literally collecting dust."
- Michael Michaud

"Overall, totally awesome bike, it gets tons of attention here in Portland, Ore. Rarely a day goes by that someone does not comment on it – from guys on fixies to athletes in spandex. Really funny."
- Robin Scholetzky

"Thanks again for all the great customer service. I just placed another order for a back rack and lots of accessories - getting this bike decked out! I'm raving about you guys everywhere I ride in this city. My PUBLIC M8 bike has allowed me to ride to work more often in work-appropriate attire.  Where my old bike prevented riding in many skirts and heels, my PUBLIC bike allows me to show up in style.  I love it – and I think my boss does too! I can carry my PUBLIC M8 up the steps to my building to bring it in out of the rain.  (And I’d never leave it out in the rain – I love it too much!)"
- Kristen, Chicago, IL

"I've stopped taking taxis and find I get there faster and happier with my bike. Though she's getting a city patina, she makes me--and others--smile. I was stopped in the West Village yesterday by a guy who wanted to take a look; I offered a joy ride (and held his bag of groceries as collateral).” 
- Maria Moyer, Founder, WINK Communication/Bureau of Friends, NYC


"Would love be too strong of a word? The bike is fantastic. I was biking 16 miles round trip to work on my fixed gear bike for two years and now taking the PUBLIC D1 has made me less sore and a nicer person to be around. I coach soccer at Stanford and the team loves the bike so much that they have started to call it "cotton candy.” 
- Jay Cooney, Assistant Coach, Stanford Women's Soccer


"Thank you for making the buying experience such a pleasure. Wow! It could not have been better. Now the bike, a double wow! Riding home on my new PUBLIC bike was like floating on a cloud of happiness. I was transformed into a giggling girl with a smile so big it was infectious. It was a scene that begged attention.” 
- Anna Rembold, San Francisco

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