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Clif Bar encourages employees to persue active lives. Their custom PUBLIC bike embodies their “Born On A Bike” legacy, while also encouraging all their employees to commute to work.

How it started

What’s the coolest thing a company can do for its employees? Bay Area company Clif Bar took it up a big notch. Clif Bar Co-CEOs Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford wanted to surprise each of their 350+ employees with a custom PUBLIC bike as part of the company’s 20th Anniversary.


We customized PUBLIC bikes in Clif Bar red with matching rims and rear racks, and added a Clif Bar logo head badge and message “Born on a Bike – Kitchen Crafted – Family & Employee Owned” on the frame. Each bike featured a custom decal with the employee’s name and year they started working at Clif Bar.

Our PUBLIC team secretly delivered these bikes to a warehouse next to Clif Bar’s Emeryville headquarters to surprise their employees. As you can imagine, the scene was utter disbelief, joy, giddiness, and many tears. We’re very proud (thrilled) to have produced and delivered these bikes for Clif Bar, a company that we’ve long admired for putting community, people, and sustainability at the forefront of building a successful business.



The idea for Clif Bar was conceived on a bike ride, hence Clif Bar's tagline “Born on a Bike”.  As many of the employees commute to work on their new custom bike, they are pedaling advertisement for the brand. Clif Bar is widely recognized as one of the most innovation employee friendly companies and so it made perfect sense to celebrate the 20th anniversary with a custom bike for each employee.

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