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PUBLIC BionX Electric Bikes and E-Bike Kits

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PUBLIC D8 Electric Bike 48v BionX E-bikePUBLIC M8 Electric Mixte Bike 48v BionX E-bike


PUBLIC D8 Electric $2699 $1959
PUBLIC M8 Electric $2699 $1959


All-New 2016 Models. Save $940 through 10/4. Code: FALLINTOGEAR

Buy Online or Test Ride in Seattle and San Francisco.


BionX is the unqualified industry leader for electric bike kits, and they have been for years. Over 250,000 BionX bike kits are being used worldwide, so they are tried and tested on many different kinds of bikes. Now for the first time, you can buy a new PUBLIC mixte or diamond frame bike with a BionX electric kit pre-installed. Get the best of our signature PUBLIC style plus the latest electric technology in one fun, easy ride.


We’ve been test riding BionX on our PUBLIC bikes all around San Francisco and we are confident they can super charge your new or current PUBLIC bike to give you that extra power up hills or when you’re simply tired of riding against the wind or when you need to speed home to get out of the rain or cold.



Looking for a BionX retrofit kit?


BionX is the industry leader in high quality electric bike retrofit kits, designed and manufactured in Canada for over a decade. In 2013 and 2014 we proudly offered affordable PUBLIC electric bikes using the BionX PL 350 HT RR M system. In 2015 BionX stopped producing this particular model of electric bike kit, so we can longer offer electric retrofits of PUBLIC bikes with that particular affordable BionX system.


BionX continues to offer a range of electric bike systems that can be outfitted to an existing bike. PUBLIC D8i diamond frame bikes and PUBLIC M7i or M8i mixte bikes are the only PUBLIC bikes we recommend for BionX electric kits due to their strong chromoly steel frames which can best support the extra power of an electric motor and the weight of the rack battery, particularly in the axle dropouts where the motor is mounted.


In 2015 however, our complete PUBLIC e-bikes with 48v BionX technology actually costs not much more than the price of separately buying the same new BionX electric bike kit, plus the additional parts and several hours of labor required to convert an existing bike. Our new PUBLIC e-bikes include many additional benefits like even stronger oversized frame materials with greatly improved stiffness, powerful disc brakes and e-bike brake levers, custom designed battery rack, threadless headset, e-bike rated kickstand and many other upgrades that make them a really great value, and a much more compelling option at a lower price than converting an old bike to an electric bike.

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