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Bike Maintenance


All bicycles need a little Tender Love & Care from time to time. Our PUBLIC bikes are no different. With a few simple maintenance steps, a PUBLIC bike can continue to ride like butter. Here are our Top 3 Tune-up Tips to keep your bike running in tip-top condition. If you live in the Bay Area, you can also schedule an appointment for bike maintanance services in San Francisco or Oakland.

Here are our Top 3 Tune-up Tips to keep your bike running in tip-top condition.

1 Pump-up Your Tires

Make sure to always keep your tires pumped up so you do not get a pinch flat and your ride is smooth. The tire pressure is on the side wall of your tire – we recommend 80psi. If you do not have a floor pump, check out our Renkompressor Floor Pump that works on Presta and Schrader valves.


1Adjust Your Gears

3-speed internally geared – Put your bike in 2nd gear. Look towards the rear hub to find the click box (image). On the click box there is a window with two yellow lines and a small yellow cube. In the proper position, the cube is perfectly aligned between the two lines. To adjust, unloosen the lock bolt right before the barrel adjuster - stems off from the click box and where the cable comes in. Once the lock bolt is loose enough, turn the barrel adjuster in one direction or the other until the yellow cube is centered between the two lines. Then tighten back down the lock bolt.

7 & 8-speed internally geared – Put your bike in 4th gear. Look towards the rear hub to find a gray plastic piece with a small window. Inside the window you will see two yellow bars. In the proper position the two yellow bars are perfectly aligned. If they are not, then look up to the gear shifter. Next to the gear shifter there is a black barrel with a cable running out of it. First make sure the cable housing is all the way inserted in to the barrel adjuster. Turn the barrel adjuster in one direction or another until you see the two bars start to line up.

7-speed deraileur bikes – For derailleur adjustments, we recommend going to your local bike shop. This should be done as soon as your gears start to slip or skip. The main cause of this is when your derailleur cable stretches from use. It simply needs to be tensioned. Call your local bike shop ahead of time or just swing by – it’s a quick fix.

Note: We didn’t include tune-up instructions for parts like the brakes, wheel truing, bottom bracket or head set because for your safety we recommend a certified bike mechanic. We encourage you to support your local bike shop for services and maintenance.

1 Clean and Lube Your Chain

Things you will need:
- Chain Lube (from your local bike shop)
- a rag or old t-shirt.

How to do it:
Put your kickstand up. Lean the bike against a wall so it won’t fall over. Using your hand, grab the pedal and rotate counter clockwise. As you move the pedal backwards, drip the chain lube directly on the chain over the rear cog (i.e. the chain ring with the teeth). After the chain is fully saturated, let it sit for a minute or two. Then take the rag and clean off the chain. You do this by lightly gripping the chain as you peddle backwards. Make sure to remove all excess grease on the chain.

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