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"..I was pleasantly surprised by the PUBLIC D3. It’s much lighter (28 lbs. on my scale) and more nimble than expected....Most importantly, the D3 is a fun ride at a good price that fills an important niche: a modern, good-looking, reasonably-priced 3-speed roadster designed specifically for an American audience." Read On..


"After riding the bicycles nearly daily since our test ride, I thought it was important to point out that I still feel the same way about this bike, and if anything, my enjoyment has grown since the initial test ride....I've now gone on joy rides, visited friends, and hauled stuff with the bicycle. I've gone up and down fairly steep hills, traveled on varying terrain (cement, asphalt, dirt, gravel), and tested the brakes and shifting thoroughly."
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"The Public is your sexy go-to-friend that gives you what you need when you want it, wants to be abused a little, and is meant to be savored by all. Definitely not a flake, Public is your fun time cruising friend always ready for a good time not taking itself too seriously." Read On..

turbo bo

"The finish is sweet and classy. With shine where it needs it and lines that speak to you, even if others don’t notice, you will. Owning a bike is not all about looks, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have one that stands out like the Public D3." Read On..

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