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Bay Meadows reinforced their tagline "Life in Motion" with a fleet of PUBLIC bikes.

How it started

Bay Meadows is a former racetrack in San Mateo, California that will be developed into 1,1171 residential units, along with office and retail spaces. The 83-acre property, developed by innovative company Wilson Meany, is billed as a transit-friendly development since it sits next to a Caltrain stop.


Wilson Meany contacted PUBLIC to develop custom bikes for employees to use to get around the property, while also helping to reinforce the transit-friendly aspects of the project. The Bay Meadows project’s tagline “Life in Motion” is reinforced by the custom bikes potential home buyers will encounter when visiting the Bay Meadows sales offices at the project location. Based on the project’s color and branding guidelines, we customized 5 stock Cream and Light Grey PUBLIC bikes and added the Bay Meadows custom logos and colors to those bikes. We delivered these bikes on time and on budget for its Grand Opening within two weeks.


Bay Meadows touts its bicycle and pedestrian friendly infrastructure and access. Its “Life in Motion” tagline is perfectly reinforced by its custom PUBLIC bikes. Potential home buyers will see the custom bikes and realize that if the employees use bikes to get around the 83 acres project, then they could too when they eventually live in this new development.

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