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New 48v E-Bikes from PUBLIC - BionX Electric Bikes on Sale
Electric Bikes Shipped to Your Door 99% Assembled

New Electric Bikes from PUBLIC


PUBLIC D8 Electric Bike 48v BionX E-bikePUBLIC M8 Electric Mixte Bike 48v BionX E-bike


PUBLIC D8 Electric $2899 $1959
PUBLIC M8 Electric $2899 $1959


All-New 2016 Models. Save $940 through 10/3. Code: FALLINTOGEAR

Buy Online or Test Ride in Seattle and San Francisco.


We’ve been big fans of electric bikes (e-bikes) for years, watching them explode in numbers all around Europe and Asia, especially in big cities. So we teamed up with BionX to create a line of stylish modern e-bikes designed to put a smile on your face as you zip around town. We’ve been testing them thoroughly for months, up and down the hills of San Francisco and Seattle, against stiff headwinds, across town late at night, and we are smitten. Test ride one for yourself, and we know you'll love them too.



What is an E-Bike?


E-bikes come in many varieties. The e-bikes we’re offering are "pedal assist" bikes, which means you're always pedaling like any other bike. Whenever you want to turn on the electric assist, the quiet 350w motor automatically amplifies your pedaling with a powerful boost, with as little or as much extra power as you want. (Some other e-bikes are more like scooters, that require twisting a throttle whenever you want to activate the motor.) With these e-bikes you can turn up the power assist when you need it, making riding so fun and easy that you never have to fear a hill, break into a sweat, or struggle carrying extra weight ever again. It’s like a jet pack booster, and guaranteed to make you smile. Like your smartphone, you simply plug it in for a few hours at night or during the work day to recharge, and it even offers regenerative braking that's activated whenever you grab the brakes, giving you extra stopping power and a little extra boost for your battery life. When fully charged you are good for 25 to 35 miles of normal pedal-assist riding, up to 65 miles max range. 



Electric Bikes Are Fun, Fast & Flexible

PUBLIC D8 Electric 48v BionX E-bike in San Francisco It’s exhilarating fun – recharge your love of cycling 


The boost you get from the motor gives you a little thrill, like the one you get when you take off on a wave surfing, or the way a plane feels taking off, or the way that first hit of espresso feels in the morning. The extra power is great when you do a lot of stop and start city riding. But beware...the other bicyclists can get envious when you take off ahead of them when the stoplight turns green.


Navy PUBLIC M8 Electric in San Francisco Bay AreaClimb Every Urban Hill and Ride Into Any Headwind


We’ve extensively tested these electric bikes we’re offering while climbing the steepest hills in San Francisco and beyond. We feel confident that if we can climb these hills without breaking a sweat, you’ll have plenty of power to climb the hilly roads on your ride.

Convenient and Commuter Friendly


Easily ride 25-35 miles on a full charge, up to 65 miles range in max efficiency mode. And always unlimited range from good old pedal power. When it's time to recharge, simply plug in the new slim portable charger in a regular outlet for a few hours at your home or office. The newly redesigned BionX charger is as small as a laptop charger, easy to carry in a bag to add a little juice at your destination if needed.



PUBLIC M8 Electric in San FranciscoMore Cost-Effective Than a Scooter or Car


Electric bikes provide the functionality of most mopeds or scooters, but with the advantages that that you never have to pay for parking, nor buy insurance, nor deal with the DMV and a license. You can still take them on most public transit systems that allow bikes and use them in bike lanes. You can weave through traffic (in a safe manner) like a bike. And you can still get some exercise when you want to.


Life is more fun on an electric bike from PUBLIC.Life Should Be Fun, Not Hard


Any bike, electric or not, can quickly put a smile on your face. This is why we love them and ride whenever we can. If your daily commute needs to be a little more enjoyable, or if you don’t ride as often as you’d like because of the extra distance or strenuous or sweaty nature of the trip, we highly recommend the e-bike option. We’ve become addicts ourselves.

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